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We can:

  • Help you stop wasting your time wrestling with Excel spreadsheets so that you can focus on more important tasks (we normalize address lists in multiple formats, automate repetitive grunt work, contribute to time-sensitive data entry, make your graphs look great, and much more)
  • Work with you and your staff to develop internal key performance indicators — or overhaul and revamp your current KPIs if they’re not working — so that everyone across your teams knows what measurable success looks like and always understands how they are doing towards those shared goals
  • Help your business develop or edit your data dictionary or other technical documentation
  • Identify areas where your data can positively impact decision-making. If you’ve built up your business organically thus far through gut instinct and receiving direct feedback from the people you serve, then imagine the extra edge that could be provided by running tests and mining your data for insights
  • Cover tasks on a part-time basis for a data processor, SQL/reporting analyst, or project manager going on temporary leave, on-site in the Philadelphia region or remotely
  • Assist with staff transitions due to resignations or reductions in force, including but not limited to: documenting standard operating procedures, training your go-forward team (in-person, via Skype, or through a series of 5-minute recorded Jing videos), interviewing and recruitment, or rolling up our sleeves to help run queries and get the work done in the interim
  • Boost a team member’s Excel confidence through discreet, targeted sessions focusing on building fluency with VLOOKUPs, Pivottables, data visualization, formatting data, or other areas
  • Strengthen controls by serving as an extra set of eyes for auditing and tying out weekly, monthly, or quarterly figures
  • Provide discreet research assistance when there is a potential human error, fraud situation, or system bug
  • Ghost-write, edit, or finish your presentations and reports
  • Serve as a neutral connector between your tech group and the rest of your organization, however would be appropriate from your perspective. We can work with your IT leaders/database administrator and the data end users to identify cost savings (dormant data, too many bells and whistles on certain services), plan trainings to help end users more effectively understand and use data, identify and rein in “rogue databases” or stealth applications (those side Excel and Access files that should be integrated into the main applications or eliminated…), or to document and help scope and prioritize future technical resource needs
  • Help you declutter your workspace to be more productive — discreet and non-judgmental process influenced by the wonderful Konmari method and Unf*ck Your Habitat approaches to organization

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